Technique Demonstration

The Anxiety Destroyer Technique

Anxiety is future focused and is often caused by thinking that something bad will happen, and it will never be okay again. No matter how bad things get though, things will always be okay again. Even in the worst possible scenario, if the universe implodes and everyone dies, things will be okay again, although it may be in the afterlife. The best way to release anxiety is to think through the worst possible scenario, and continue the scenario until things are okay again. When we are feeling anxious, often we stop our vision of the future as if standing precariously perched at the edge of a cliff. The worst scenario is stepping beyond that cliff, stepping into the unknown. To work through the anxiety, follow that vision forward in time as far as you need to go until you feel okay. This process helps us realize that the worst case scenario is unlikely, and no matter how bad, it too will pass.

1)      Think of something you feel anxious about. This process helps if your are feeling anxious about quitting your job, getting a new job, trying a new activity, leaving a relationship, entering a new relationship, or making life changes.

2)      Now imagine the absolutely worst thing that could happen if what you are anxious about happened. Make a movie about it in your mind  hearing and seeing what you do, say, feel and what others do, say and feel. Keep imagining the situation, after your fears have happened. What happens then? What happens next? Keep going until you find a point when things are okay again. Even if you have to go into the afterlife, or the end of time, you can imagine a point when things will be okay again.

3)      Now from that future you, look back on all the skills, beliefs, knowledge, etc that you used to bring yourself to the place of being ok again.

4)      Notice the anxiety has changed or is gone completely.  Now that you’ve released your fear, make a new movie.  Imagine what you want to happen. Notice what skills, knowledge, resources you use to create this new situation. What steps can you take now to make that your reality?

The above example of the Anxiety Destroyer technique is often used in combination with other techniques because you can sometimes get stuck in any of the above steps 1-4. To get unstuck an Emotionology Coach may need to use one, or more, other techniques before you can complete the Anxiety Destroyer, especially if the anxiety is attached to a past fear (you may be anxious about driving your car because of an accident you experienced in the past).

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This technique originated from NLP and Mary Nestle-Hallgrens training with Mary Hale-Haniff.