Learn About Emotionology

Emotionology™ is an innovative personal coaching method that synthesizes the science of emotions from multiple fields of study including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neurobiology, Cultural Anthropology, Linguistics, Marketing, and Psychology.  To read an overview about Emotionology read an Introduction to Emotionology.

Emotionology deveoloped over 30 years as founder Mary Nestle-Hallgren coached thousands of clients from diverse backgrounds, which included businesses as well as individuals. To learn more about this history read Background of Emotionology.

The success of Emotionology is based in its 4 models, its philosophy and an availability to over 100 exercises & techniques that allow individuals to understand their emotions, take control of their actions, and create their dreams.  Follow these links to learn more about Emotionology:


The 4 Models of Emotionology:


Technique Demonstration