Training Curriculum

Curriculum for:

Personal Development Training 

Certified Emtionology Coach (CEC) Training

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Month 1
Trauma—Phobia– Fears
• Thinking model
• Phobia & trauma treatment
• Worry & anxiety destroyerWe now have the tools to remove all irrational fear and worry in the world. 
Month 2
Conflict Resolution
• X & Y System
• Dealing with conflicts
• General conflict resolution
• Confusion to clarity
• Symbol integrationGet congruence in thought and action. Change conflicts to agreements.

Month 3
Emotional Change
• Easy grief technique
• Synesthesia
• Healing the inner child
• Moving beyond process

Each feeling has a preferred technique to fix it.  If you don’t like what your are feeling, you can change anything. 

Month 4
Beliefs and Values
• Values theory clarification
• Align unconscious values with desires
• Re-Imprinting for persistent problems
• Belief change techniques
• EMDRQuick deep shifts that align your beliefs with your values. 
Month 5
• Change what drives behavior
• Controlling unconscious reactions
• Modeling excellence to grow skills
• Reframing expectations to prevent disappointmentEmotions drive behavior and influence the behavior of others.  
Month 6
• True friendship
• The dance of relationships
• Timeline change to stop repeating problems and finding new solutions
• Explosive anger reframeWhy we choose certain relationships and what can make them healthy. 
Month 7
Assertiveness & Authority
• Systems and cultures
• Changing co-dependence
• The double bind
• Polarity response
• Victim thinkingLearn healthy assertiveness and tact while stepping out of co-dependence.  Stop the victim situations. 
Month 8
Addictions & Identity
• Which neuro-logical level controls attitude?
• Procrastination and destructive patterns
• Mapping the problem space
• Self-image & self-worthStop addictions. Find your true self. 
Month 9
• Overwhelm and other big common problems
• Core transformation
• Working with depression
• Auditory/Identity interruptionDeep core changes and helping others with depression. 
Month 10
Optimal Health Recovery
• Communicating with your symptoms
• Health crisis intervention
• Exerting pressure to change
• Mind/Body communication
• Weight issuesSolve persistent health issues.
Month 11
Leadership & Motivation
• Leadership skills
• Integrity
• X Y motivation
• Facilitating group involvement
• How to let it go
• Disney strategyMotivate yourself and others. 
Month 12
Prosperity & True Wealth
• Changing wishing to having
• Creating your ideal future/timeline
• Pity, obligations, guilt blocks
• Removing scarcity
• Finding your authentic selfDiscover and solidify your preferred future

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