Training & Certification

Emotionology™ training teaches you to harness the power of your emotional intelligence, allows you to make fast changes, move toward your goals, and create the life you want.

Individuals from all walks of life have discovered that happiness is too important to spend years struggling to achieve and  choose the Emotionology Institute to transform their lives. Sometimes we all need a little help in taking the steps needed to create a life we love. Whether you are seeking training for yourself or for your professional tool kit Emotionology has the tools to help our students take those steps.

Our students are professionals, Coaches, Counselors, Psychologists, Health Care Professionals, Teachers, Mangers, Business owners, CEOs, CFOs, and individuals from all walks of life.Some of our students are reimbursed by their employers for Emotionology Coach training. Some seek certification as coaches or trainers while others only want the training and the self development. Those not seeking certification as a coach or trainer receive the Emotionology Training Certificate of Completion at the end of the 12 month course. Others are seeking the benefits of certification as a compliment to their current career of for a new career as an Emotionology Coach.

People from all walks of life are using Emotionology training and E Coaches to:
  • Become better managers, leaders, teachers & coaches
  • Create positive, fulfilling relationships with intimate partners, children and family
  • Learn self respect, self love and self appreciation
  • Learn patience and compassion
  • Change unwanted behaviors
  • Painlessly transcend fears, phobias & traumatic memories
  • Resolve worry,conflict & confusion
  • Discover motivation, purpose & direction
The Emotionology Institute currently offers two certifications, The Certified Emotionology Coach or CEC and the Certified Emotionology Trainer or CET as well as personal development training.

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