Lucky Dolan, CEC, CET

Luck_thumbCertified Emotionology Coach
Certified Emotionology Trainer

Where: Brighton, England
Phone: +44(0)74 11 73 9839


Lucky has combined her background as an artist and designer with intensive training in Emotionology™ and coaching to form Emotional Artistry.  She thrives by helping people to step outside the bubble of their habitual life, develop their skills, and inspires them to create the life they dare to dream.

Serendipitously in 1998, Lucky returned from travelling with some serious health issues and met Mary Hallgren who had moved into the office next door to her studio. The two of them quickly became friends and spent many hours together testing and playing with various techniques of Emotionology while Lucky began a significant healing process.  Years later (and turning 50!), Lucky decided to embark on a new career and began her study with Emotionology. She found it to be a new sphere of creativity — exploring the puzzles of the mind and emotions and working with them on an internal plane. Lucky has achieved both a CEC and CET and is part of the team developing the Emotionology Institute.

Currently, Lucky lives in the UK with her husband and dog.  She enjoys working with clients on a deep one-to-one basis and is currently developing a solo retreat (one-to-one coaching holiday) for women who want to creatively explore their emotional life and their vision for the future.