Elizabeth Libolt, CEC

Certified Emotionology Coach

Where: Florida
E-mail: elibolt@juno.com

Elizabeth Libolt is a certified Hypnotherapist, Emotionologist, Life Coach and Intuitive.

Elizabeth has a firm and extensive foundation in Metaphysics and brings these combined skills to each client. She employs the Emotionology techniques with other tools into a unique, integrative and individualized session that provides insight, resulting in the potential to reach, as well as release, long held beliefs that have crystallized into physical form or negative emotional patterns. In this manner, clients release erroneous beliefs or habits that can delay or prevent growth.

Now more than ever people are looking for guidance in experiencing a meaning- and purposeful life….

  • In touch with themselves and their surroundings
  • In touch with and inspired by their emotions, instead of tortured by them
  • Actively co-creating a reality that incorporates, expands and transcends past experiences.

With over 40 years experience and a wry sense of humor, Elisabeth is a skilled practitioner of Physical and Metaphysical tools, including, but not limited to, Tarot, Astrology and Mediation. Working with her is a unique, interactive and thought provoking experience.

With her intuitive assistance in recognizing and accepting ALL of life’s situations as signposts and mirrors, Elisabeth will help you to discover, develop and enjoy the meaning