Business Seminars

Business Seminar Series

Length: Two consecutive eight hour days per month for six months

Cost: $4,000 per participant (inquire about discounts for large groups)


Month 1
Why & where emotions belong in business
(thinking model, biochemical model)

  • Difference between skills and blocks.
  • Tying customers to emotions.
  • It’s a chemistry – stress
Month 2
Magic business words
(Why, what, how, need, because, but)

  • Words to avoid and words that creates action.
  • The illusion of control
  • Overwhelm that clogs the system
Month 3
A different bottom line

  • Drama vs. Production
  • Listening vs. Telling
  • Connecting & Bonding with others
Month 4
The most successful business system. (x vs. y)

  • Reality vs. Illusion
  • Being Right
  • Doing the “right” things
Month 5
Issues to fix that create a drain on business

  • Co-dependency in business
  • Caretaking
  • Pity, Obligation, Guilt
Month 6
Expanding beyond your wildest dreams

  • Measuring value and value shifts
  • Leadership skills
  • Projecting vision/mission to improve level

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