Coaching Services

Emotionology™ coaching services are available for individuals, groups and businesses. Through one on one coaching, group workshops, and business seminars, Emotionology coaches can unlock the ability to move toward goals and create futures others only dream about.

Individual Coaching

For individuals, happiness is too important to spend years struggling towards alone. Wanting to create a life you love is the best reason to hire an Emotionology coach. Emotionology Institute coaches offer a variety of services both over the phone and in person. One-on-one coaching sessions  can effectively resolve issues and change life long patterns often in 2 to 8 hours of coaching. Click here to learn more about our individual certified Emotionology Coaches. Click here to find a Meetup group.

Many Emotionology Coaches also offer workshops for groups at lower per-person fees. To find out more about workshop packages and setting up one in your area, click here.

Business Seminars

Businesses and schools seek out Emotionology training to create inspirational leaders in their managers and teachers. When leaders know how to resolve worry, conflict and confusion everyone benefits. To learn more about our business seminars click here. To find a business meetup group click here.