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Emotionology Philosophy: Ideas & Concepts

The book introduces a group of ideas that support happiness and a better world. It builds on a premise: We come here by choice to have a physical life and gain experience from which to learn.

Emotionology: Bio-Chemical Model

The Bio-Chemical Book explains how the body automatically programs itself without conscious awareness. It also explains how to change this automatic process into new possible choices and how this relates to overall health and mental health. Included are some techniques to try as well as a dialogue that demonstrates how one can change their programming for optimal health.

Emotionology Thinking Model

The Thinking Model explains how emotions are linked to memory. It explains how and why mental techniques work and how addictions can be unlocked.

Emotionology’s X and Y System

We have identified two distinct different worlds that we use to create our lives. This is Emotionology’s Systems Model, highlighting the X and Y pieces that make up these different worlds.